Mutual Massage

Mutual Massage: A Reciprocal Enjoyment

mutual massage in London

Touch is a powerful human emotion, and this is an integral part of any massage therapy. A mutual massage is a slow massage process that is extremely sensual as it allows a man to caress a woman by touching her intimate body parts. This is an intensifying massage experience for a man that lets him experience several things. Life is all about giving and taking and this ideology reflects in this massage. Sometimes the female therapists also indulge in this massage to get more knowledge about the whole concept. 

In simple words, this is a two-way process where you get a wonderful tantric massage from your therapist and then you return the favour by massaging her body parts. It is a way of creating a mutual trust, a balanced enjoyment that leads pleasure to another level. 

Reasons To Undergo This Massage 

  • It helps you understand yourself 

Enjoying proximity with a female will enable you to know about your secret desires which you have not been able to explore for a while. You will know the sensuality of a woman by touching her in different parts and see her reaction. This led to a higher satisfaction level. 

  • Realize your fantasy 

Every individual has a fantasy and they try to realize it someday. A mutual erotic massage like this is a great opportunity to fulfill it. These massage centres are providing such platforms to realize your hidden aspirations. 

  • Enjoying the coziness of touching a female 

Nothing is as relaxing as touching the female body and this you can realize when you are around with a beautiful massage therapist. When she moves her finger into your body or vice versa you will feel utterly sensual. This will be a great sensational encounter you will cherish for life.


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The highlight of the mutual massage is that it can bring back the original spark in your relationships. More than intimate pleasure, the emphasis is on teasing each other, playful touching of different body parts, and a better understanding of each other. This could positively impact your present relationship with your partner. When you know how to touch a woman to please her you can implement it in your present relationship. 

Apart from giving you sensual pleasure, it enriches your body and mind and you build a great bond with the lady. It kills your anxieties and stress and promotes overall blood circulation in your body.  

The benefit of this mutual erotic massage is that it helps to overcome many sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. As you will learn to exercise better control over your body you will not feel any stress to perform and will engage in a blissful state of touching and enjoyment.   

Rule of Massage 

If you are a first-timer, you should know that there is a way to play with a woman’s body. Remember these facts. 

  • Ask for her permission before you touch her. Though it is a scheduled massage you should maintain the politeness. 
  • First thing is that you should not massage her with cold hands. She will not enjoy it if you touch her warm body parts with cold hands. 
  • Do not first try to touch her private parts. You should move gradually to build up intimacy. It will lead to more pleasure 
  • It is better to concentrate on her shoulders and upper back and then try massaging her feet. She will feel relaxed and then you can touch her intimate parts 
  • Do not rush. Massage her in a gentle manner to make the experience better. 

Concluding Opinions 

In short, mutual massage is a reciprocal massage therapy where both the participants can enjoy, and this is the signature point of this massage. Here the traditional role of a massage therapist alters, the massage goes in a reverse manner. The client will massage the therapist and enjoy seeing her responses. If you are somebody who likes to give as much as you receive then you must undergo this massage once in life. 

At any point in time, if you wish to undergo a mutual massage in London, you must contact us. We are a trusted massage centre located in the city and have trained therapists to make you entertained till the end of the session.

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