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The Benefits Of Yoni Massage For Women

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The effectiveness of massage is well-known that benefits men and women in different ways. Yoni massage is a powerful tantric massage originated in ancient times and is still in practice. The term yoni stands for vagina, also called a sacred space from where the humanity is born. It is revered as the sacred place and held with high regard in ancient culture. This massage is specially designed for women to have better control over their bodies to create a powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with their partners and enable them to lead a healthy conjugal life. If you are looking forward to getting a yoni massage in London, talk to an experienced and trusted centre like us. 

Interestingly, yoni massage can happen between men to women and women to women. Yoni massage therapists are well trained in the areas of women’s bodies such as breasts, vagina, vulva, and stomach and they know how to please a woman by massaging her private parts. 

Yoni massage for women focuses on the right breathing techniques like any other massage to release physical and mental stress. As a receiver, you will know what gives you the ultimate pleasure. 

What It Is Like Going Through A Yoni Massage 

Experts say that yoni massage is therapeutic in nature helping women to gain more knowledge about their sexuality. It starts with deep breathing exercises to let you more aware of your body and the pelvic area. Apart from the vagina, yoni massage for women takes care of the breasts also, a highly erogenous point in a woman’s body. As you calm down you will be told to lie down on your back and then the actual massage process will start. Your hip areas will be stretched out and then the therapist will move to your internal parts of the vagina. 

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How Yoni Massage Benefits Women 

Though many women attain orgasm during the massage it is not the only aim of yoni massage. Women choose a yoni massage for various reasons. 

  • To get rid of past trauma

Those women who have a history of painful menstruation or painful intercourse can get benefit out of this massage. Studies have shown that this massage mentally stimulates you and mentally calm you down and create a sense of healing from trauma that has been casing obstruction in intimacy with the partner. 

  • To enhance the libido 

Those women who have a diminishing sex drive can feel the change after this massage. it helps to establish an intimate connection with your partner and enhance mutual trust by deepening the bond. It will help in creating the urge to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

  • To create an overall balance in the body 

Tantric philosophy says that our body has seven chakras or centres and any imbalance created among them will cause illness and many unwanted health conditions. A sensual massage like this enables women to get connected with her root chakra and it will give her positive energy and intact her vigour and vitality. 

Yoni massage brings a new spark to your bedroom and will spice up your love life. It will elevate your senses and make you achieve a higher state of awakening both emotionally and spiritually. To enjoy a healthy sexual life, it requires great mental awareness, and this can be experienced with yoni massage.  

Final Opinions 

So, most women who want to have a little relaxation with their vagina like to explore this massage. They want to discover new areas of pleasure. Apart from this, women seek this massage for a number of reasons as mentioned above such as to remove pelvic discomfort, past sexual trauma, or any blocked emotions that are deposited in your vaginal muscles can be released with this massage as it lets them to experience different sensations. 

In this age of technology, booking a yoni massage is not difficult. If you happen to be in London just type yoni massage near me, you will find our website. Give us a call or drop a message to book a session. We are available 24×7 with some of our best yoni massage services in London.

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